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DW Debt Review was established in 2009 with its core vision being to assist individuals who find themselves in the extremely difficult situation where they are no longer able to honour their debt obligations.

We firmly belief that it is possible for individuals to take control of their debts and eventually achieve a debt free status, and walk hand in hand with each client to achieve such status.

We pride ourselves in offering a personalised service to each and every client as well as a direct line of communication with our NCR registered Debt Counsellors.

We continue to successfully adapt to the ever-increasing demand for financial restructuring and consumer-based solutions.

Know Your Debt Counsellor

Fun Fact:

A company cannot be registered as a Debt Counsellor at the NCR, but only an individual.

When applying for Debt Review, a Consumer is loaded under a specific Debt Counsellor, and not a company, even though Debt Counsellors normally practise under a company.

You can verify the registration of your Debt Counsellor with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) by searching for the Debt Counsellor on their website or contacting them at 0860 627 627.

Dewald Visser

NCR Registered Debt Counsellor. (NCRDC 1132)

Registered member of the Debt Counsellors Association of South Africa (DCASA Nr. 0640).

I completed the Debt Counselling Course and obtained my registration with the NCR in 2009. Shortly thereafter, I opened DW Debt Review.

Since then, I have helped numerous people from all walks of life take control of their finances.

Eloise Visser

NCR Registered Debt Counsellor (NCRDC2977) & Paralegal.

I originally joined DW Debt Review in February 2012 as an Assistant.

In 2015 I obtained my Paralegal Diploma from the South African School of Paralegal Studies.

I attended and passed the Debt Counselling course in 2016, but only registered as a Debt Counsellor in 2017, all the while receiving practical training from Dewald.

I enjoy helping people to take control of their finances.  

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