Debt & Retrenchment

With the current volatile economic climate, more and more companies are experiencing financial strain. Most companies' workforce contributes to their largest expense and therefore it is not surprising to find an increase in retrenchments. A couple of years ago the family of one of our team members were affected in a major way by this tendency... Read More

Debt Counselling 101

Debt Counselling is a specialised statutory process of working with a registered Debt Counsellor to restructure monthly debt repayments to an amount that is reasonable for both the Consumers and Credit Providers. In short, we negotiate reduced instalments and interest rates with your Creditors enabling you to pay your debt AND service your necessary monthly household expenses... Read More

When to apply for Debt Review

If you are no longer able to pay all of your monthly instalments AND service your necessary household expenses, a free consultation with a registered Debt Counsellor can certainly put things in perspective.  Some of the more common signs of over-indebtedness, are as follows:.. Read More

Debt Review - The Process

You would fill in the application forms we supply, from which we calculate your financial state and degree of over-indebtedness... Read More

Debt Counselling - Better described as Debt Review

The stress of repaying creditors can become overwhelming, but it need not be! The National Credit Act makes provision for the process of Debt Counselling/Debt Restructuring or more the descriptive Debt Review, which was implemented to protect consumers like you against high debt repayments in tough economic times, as experienced at present... Read More

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