Will credit providers still debit my bank account?

Once you are engaged in the Debt Review process, all payments/debit orders to your Credit Providers are cancelled and all future payments will be made through the National Payment Distribution Agency by means of a single Debit Order payment. Our office will manage all further payments and distributions, leaving you with sufficient funds to service insurance policies and day-to-day expenses.

I’ve received a Summons, what now?

Before a Summons is issued you are served with a Letter of Demand (Letter in terms of Section 129), clearly stating your options for resolving the disputed matter, amongst others to approach an Ombud or Debt Counsellor. In the event that you did not adhere to this letter and Summons is issued our team immediately approach the relevant Credit Provider to negotiate an alternative repayment arrangement. Usually this arrangement is simply incorporated into your monthly budget.

What if Debt Review is not the ideal solution for my circumstances?

In our experience a small minority does not qualify for Debt Review. This being said, our experienced team have successfully guided these consumers through a wide variety of alternative financial solutions.

How long will I remain under Debt Review?

It differs from person to person and mainly depends on the amount of debt, amount available to repay debt and your commitment towards repaying the debt. The industry norm is a maximum term of 5 years or 60 months, but can be shorter or longer depending on the aforementioned.

Once you have settled all of your debt, or settled all debt except for the Home Loan account which has no arrears and are able to revert to the original contractual instalment on the Home Loan account, you will be exited from Debt Review by way of a Form 19 (Clearance Certificate)

How much does Debt Counselling cost?

All fees payable will be charged in accordance with the Debt Counselling Fee Structure as issued by the National Credit Regulator, and will be included in your installment amount.

The current fee structure can be summarized as follows*:

Application Fee Completion & submisstion of the Form 16 R50.00 (as prescribed)
Administration Fee

(a) Consultation with Consumer, including explanation of process & fee disclosure;

(b) Form 17.1 process;

(c) Loading of consumer/s on the NCR's system;

(d) Rejection process as per the Form 17.2(a) including:

(i) Notifying the consumer & credit providers;

(ii) Updating the NCR's system; and

(iii) Compliance with Regulation 25.

Restructuring Fee

Attending to the Form 17.2(b) process including, but not limited to, the following related services:

(a) Proposal preperation;

(b) Loading the plan on the Debt Counselling system of the Payment Distribution Agent;

(c) Negotiating with credit providers;

(d) Submitting the final proposal;

(e) Supplying debt counselling documents to the attorney to draft the court application;

(f) Updating the NCR's system;

(g) Transferring the consumer (if applicable);

(h) Instructing the attorney to draft the court application/collating and filing the National Consumer Tribunal application; and

(i) Withdrawal by Consumer (prior to being declared over-indebted)

For one applicant:

(a) the fee is either equal to the distributable amount or a maximum fee of R8 000.00

whichever amount is the lesser.


For a joint application (Consumers married in Community of Property):
(a) the fee is either equal to the distributable amount or a maximum fee of R9 000.00

whichever is the lesser.

Reckless Lending Fee

(a) Reckless lending assessment; and

(b) Supplying reckless lending documents to the attorney to draft the affidavit on the assessment outcome.

R1 500.00
After Care Fee

Services including the following:

(a) Form 17.2(c) process;

(b) Review of the consumer's financial situation;

(c) Attending to payment queries;

(d) Clearance process, including the paid-up letters;

(e) Withdrawal by consumer (see the Debt Review Exit section under our Services tab);

Updating the NCR's system.

For the enture debt counselling process:

(a) The monthly fee is equal to 5% of the distributable amount or a maximum fee of R450, whichever amount is the lesser.

NCT Submission Fee Submission of the National Consumer Tribunal application, if applicable. R500.00 (excluding the NCT filing fee).
Attorney Fee

(a) Attorney's Drafting of the court application; and

(b) Attorney's Attendance at Court.

To be agreed upon upfront with the attorney and communicated in writing to the consumer when applying for debt counselling.

*For the detailed fee structure, see the guidelines on the NCR's website.


What is Debt Counselling?

Having your debt repayments restructured in such a way that it is affordable to you and acceptable to your creditors. Pay off your debts in a legal way, and enjoy protection under the National Credit Act.

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